Plan Management Services (NDIS)

Manage It is a registered Plan Management Agency with the NDIS (Provider registration 4050001351), offering participants support with financial and intermediary service activities (Improved Life Choices category in the Price Guide). Our services are similar to what a bookkeeper would offer, in fact we have accountants and bookkeepers supporting us in our service delivery, but we also offer specialist support in NDIS related matters, such as claiming from the NDIS portal on your behalf, interpreting budgets in NDIS plans, and accessing the NDIS Price Guide to ensure all claims are processed successfully.

Our aim is to support participants to become as independent as they can in managing their own support services and finances whilst providing them with the assistance they require throughout this process. Subscription to our Self Manager tool is included in all our plan management services, and participants can continue their subscriptions to utilise the tool when they are ready to self manage their plans. 

This illustration gives a simple overview of the range of support we provide as a plan management agency:

We understand that individuals have different preferences and requirements, so we work out a detailed service agreement with each participant to ensure that their specific needs are met.
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“With no previous experience in HR/payroll and no book keeping experience either I was quite worried if I would be able to self-manage my child’s funding, at least the financial side of things. Manage It has supported me every step of the way to learn what is required and I am thrilled to discover new skills and have further confidence in my capabilities and ability to learn.”
Delia, mum of NDIS participant