Plan Management Services

Do you want to learn how to get the most out of your NDIS funding?
Do you want to use non-registered service providers?
Are you interested in self managing your plan in the future?
We can help!

Manage It is a registered Plan Management Agency with the NDIS.
A Plan Management Agency allows participants to enjoy the flexibility of self managing their plan without the administrative burden. Think of it like your own personal finance team - with an NDIS twist!

Keeping it simple with Self Manager!

All our participants get access to our online record keeping and budgeting tool, Self Manager.
With Self Manager you get a clear overview over how your funding has been spent and what is left in your plan budgets.
When you use our plan management services you can upload your invoices to Self Manager and we do the rest for you.

You can even use Self Manager to process payroll if you employ your own support workers and have employer obligations.
By using Self Manager to record your payments you automatically build your capacity in financial management .

If you already self manage your NDIS plan you can utilise your Core Supports funding to pay for a Self Manager subscription.

Financial Administration

Our Financial Administration service allows you to tell what you need paid, such as bills and reimbursements. Simply log on to your dedicated
Self Manager account and upload a request. The team at Manage It takes care of the rest.

Plan Management and Capacity Building

Plan Management is a "Capacity Building" support in your NDIS plan. This means that you are expected to build your capacity in plan and financial management when this support is included in your plan.
Some of the things we can support you with through our capacity building services are:

  • Understanding what the funding in your plan can be spent on and what the different budgets mean
  • Educating you on how to engage different supports and how they should be paid
  • Understanding your obligations if you want to self-manage your plan in the future
Where To Start?

So your plan has been approved - what's next?
1. Contact us with your NDIS plan details
2. We tell you what we can do for what has been funded in your plan
3. We meet so we can discuss services and sign an agreement
4. Manage It's payment team will access your NDIS funding and administer it on your behalf

Contact our team today for a quote or to learn more about our plan management solutions!