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What is Plan Management?

Plan Management is a specific support provided by an NDIS provider to manage the plans of NDIS participants.

A Plan Manager can be an integral part of your NDIS plan, by providing full or part management of your funding, and ensuring that you meet all your obligations to the NDIS.

If you elect to use a Plan Manager, their services are funded through your NDIS plan, ensuring that you are not paying any additional costs.

What are the benefits of Plan Management?

Using a Plan Manager like Manage It can give you many benefits in your NDIS journey. Like NDIS Planners, Support Coordinators and other people involved in your plan, Plan Managers have a distinct and useful role for your NDIS plan.

Quickly processing and funding services and products

When a support provider conducts a service or provides a product for you, and provides you an invoice, a Plan Manager can keep records of this transaction and ensure the prompt payment to the provider from the funds in your NDIS plan.

Less compliance and administrative burden

Claiming funds from the NDIS can involve a lot of factors, such as having funded supports, valid invoices from your support provider and much more. Plan Managers have the knowledge to be able to tick all the boxes with the NDIS and take on this burden on your behalf.

Funded straight from your NDIS Plan

Plan Management is not an external cost from your NDIS Plan - it is funded directly from your NDIS Plan. All plan-managed plans from the NDIS have administrative costs set aside to easily use the services of a Plan Manager.

The personal touch of Plan Management.

A good Plan Manager is with you every step of the way during your NDIS plan, being readily available to take your call or email, or sit down face-to-face to discuss your NDIS plan, your budgets and any queries you may have with supports in your NDIS plan and the providers involved with those supports.

Plan Managers can assist you with increasing your financial and plan management skills and learn how to self-manage throughout the course of your plan.

When support services and products are unable to be funded from your NDIS plan, Plan Managers are able to suggest alternatives or provide you clear and concise information so that you know all the facts about your NDIS plan.

Interested in using Manage It for plan management?

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