Payments may be delayed due to new NDIS claim review policies . Please see our Payment Delay Notices page for more info.

Information for NDIS Participant Creditors

The following information is provided for providers who deliver services to NDIS participants that are Plan Managed by Manage It.
You may find more information on the NDIS website using the link below.

Participant Authorisation

Participants may authorise invoices in the following ways:

  • Accept the invoice from a supplier, review it for accuracy then forward it to us for claiming and payment. By forwarding the invoice to Manage It, they are authorising the invoice to be claimed and paid.
  • They may also indicate, in their Service Agreement with Manage It, a list of suppliers or service providers who can send invoices directly to us to be claimed and paid.

Please note: We are unable to claim and pay invoices until the participant has authorised the invoice.


Most payments made as part of an NDIS plan are GST-free. You must ensure that GST is not calculated on invoices that are to be claimed from the NDIS. Please see the ATO's guidance on this below.

Price Caps

Manage It is bound by the relevant state and territories NDIS Price Guide and cannot pay amounts exceeding the unit pricing listed in these guides. Please visit the NDIS website below for more information.

Invoice Requirements

In order to ensure that invoices are paid promptly and are not sent back for amendment, you must ensure that you provide properly formatted invoices containing the following information.

  1. A unique Tax Invoice number, code or identifier.
  2. The date the invoice was issued.
  3. The name, NDIS number and address of the person who received the service (not Manage It).
  4. The name of the person or company seeking payment.
  5. The ABN of the person or company seeking payment (or Statement By A Supplier if ABN is not applicable). This is an NDIS requirement.
  6. Contact details of the person or company seeking payment (phone and/or email)
  7. Bank details of the person or company seeking payment (BSB, Account Number, Account Name, Name of Financial Institution or BPAY details).
  8. A description of the service provided.
  9. The hours of the service provided.
  10. The rate of the service provided (note: Manage It is not able to pay for services that exceed the prices listed in the NDIS Price Guide).
  11. The date/s services were delivered.
  12. Ensure that the sub-total and grand total have been calculated correctly.